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Wedding Shoot – Runton Beach -May ’17


Styled Wedding Shoot

One of the things I love about my job is being able to mix with other creative folk.  Together we created our dreamscape of a styled wedding shoot scenario. May 2017 saw us on a wind swept beach with sea tumbled stones and a seafoam theme.

We took our inspiration from the dunes and seaweed in our coastal region, the brine tumbled flints, mussels and barnacles, sea holly and seaweed, wind caught ribbons and mermaid tinted hair.

Styled on a local myth of a mermaid carving on a church pew end in Upper Sheringham, folklore says that a beautiful siren came up from the salty shores of the North Norfolk Coast and made her way to the local church hearing heavenly singing. Once there she never left and is still seen there today – waiting for her man.. You can see this carving to this day if you fancy a visit to the seaside.

Our friend and model, Charlotte (not actually a mermaid) wore her (actual real) wedding dress into the sea with her own mermaid coloured Converse. Flower3o made a seashell crown and flower crowns as well as beautiful blousy bouquets which trailed through the sea.

Sharon says “When I heard the brief for Neptunes daughter I immediately thought of not just the beach landscape itself but all the different colours and textures of the Norfolk seaside.  With this in mind we set about collecting flowers in tones of blue, green, pink, peach with a touch of yellow and white. Delphiniums, Protea, Roses (sweet avalanche), Eryngium, Ranunculus and Veronica with fronds of pine found around the area.

With this style of wedding a shell headress was a must again taking inspiration from the colours of the shells. The first bouquet a trailing over the arm design which I imagined would be woven through the water as Neptune’s Daughter made her way to land..”

“The Alternative bouquet is much looser and has the feeling of light romance with dainty blooms of Aqual flowers and Ranunculus with foliages including Panicum fountain and Brunia”

Cakes caught our imagination in fresh zesty lemon curd and meringue flavours, deocrated with jade coloured icing and one with vanilla caviar buttercream,  mussel shells and dehydrated seaweed, meringue kisses and buttercream barnacles with touches of gold washed lustre, pine skeletons from the beach and flora from Sharons beach kit of flowers.

Wedding Shoot Dream Team:

Big Phat Photos http://www.bigphatphotos.co.uk

Flower30 www.flower30.co.uk

Kirsty Barton-Grimley http://kirstiemakeup.com/

White dress – models own

Green dress – Willow & Pearl https://willowandpearl.co.uk/

Model – Charlotte Neale

Location – West Runton beach

Cake – yours truly.

Barnacle cake

Wedding Shoot North Norfolk

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